Test cabin for simulating color and property change by exposing products of plastics, paper, textile etc. to UV and / or D65 light.
The products to be tested with the device can be tested for D65 (25.000 lux), UVA + (20 mW / cm²), UV-A (10 mW / cm²), UV-B mW / cm²). In addition, the service life of the lamps can be observed on the device.
Power consumption 800 W for UVA + lamp group, for D65, UV-A, UV-B, UV-C lamp groups 400 W. Total number of lamps is 20.
The moving sample carrier platform is available.All lamp groups electronically ignited.
Usage area is 90x65x30 cm. Sample room temperature can be adjusted between 20-35 ° C. USB communication port is available as standard. Computer, printer and application program are available as an option.

EN ISO 4892, ASTM D1148