It is used to determine the thickness of textiles and textile products under a certain pressure. Applied Pressure 0.1 to 2000 gram force .
Thickness Measurement 0.01 to 50 mm. Thickness Measurement accuracy is 0,01 mm. Device has a presser foot 50.5 mm.
It has touch screen controller and PC software .( PC Software given with device )
Pressure feet of 5 cm², 10 cm² and 20 cm² can be supplied as an optionally.
All controls on the device can be done via the touch screen without PC. Device has USB port as standart for computer communication.
Computer , printer and PC Software can be supplied as an optionally.

TS 7128, EN ISO 5084, ISO 9073-2, TS 1534-3, EN ISO 2286,3, ISO 5084, ISO 2286-3, ASTM D1777, TS EN ISO 9073-2