Light Fastness Tester is used to determine the color fastness of all kind of textile materials, plastic, paper and similar products under artificial daylight (XENON).
It is also used to test white or optically polished products.
The sample is laid together with prepared blue wool under the artificial light.The sample is then compared with the reference wool to determine the color fastness.
Test methods are showed on screen according to many different standards and new standard entry can be easily done. USB communication port is available as standard.
Computer, printer and application program are available as an option.

ISO 10977, ISO 11431, ISO 11979-5, ISO 4049, ISO 4892-1, ISO 4892-2, ISO 7491, ISO/DIS 24443, DIN EN ISO 4892-2, ASTM D3424, ASTM D5071, ASTM D6695, ASTM G151, ASTM G155