The sample dyeing machine is used in textile laboratories for sample dyeing. It is able to perform dyeing operations at a range between environment heat and 140 C°. The dye tubes complete the process in the bath tank, at the fluid (oil) environment, with the microprocessor controlling unit, at the desired temperature, time and setting values.
The machinery performing atmospherical and polyester dyeing offers ease to the user with its desktop usage. It includes temperature-time controlling computer. The controller has 999 different programs and each program has 99 steps.
The dyeing recipes are saved to the microprocessor’s memory at once and whenever needed, it is run again by choosing the program number.
Accordingly the machinery operates its heating – cooling - alarm outputs to pursue the program steps and at the end of the program, warns the operator.
Different models with 12-16-24 tubes are available.
Tube capacity can be selected as 200-300-500 cc.
USB communication port is available as standard. Computer, printer and application program are available as an option