It is used to determine fiber's resistance and lengthening rates. It has lengthening measurement features with a precision of 0.1 mm.
Its maximum load capacity is 500 gr and sample movement length is 250 mm. The sample holder jaws are with pneumatic controls. The movement's speed can be digitally adjusted. For usage, Standard laboratory compressor is required.
RS232 computer output is standard for the device and the computer software, computer and printer are offered optionally.

ASTM D 1294, ASTM D 5079, ASTM D 2524, ASTM D 3106, ASTM D 3217, ASTM D 1445, BS 3411, BS 4029, BS 5116, BS EN 12751, DIN 53843-2,,EN ISO 5079, EN 13895, ISO 3060