It used to measure the strength of fabrics and similar products. The maximum strength is 5 kN or 50 kN. It has value reading features for the maximum force applied during tear-up moment. The device saves the tear-up/ break-up resistance of the sample pressed via jaws upon kgf or Newton value.
The tear-up operation is conducted automatically through an adjustable engine. The device has lengthening measurement features (with 0,01 mm precision). Together with the device, a set of jaws is provided. The movement length except for jaws is 1000 mm.
The device's measurement is electronic load cell. USB connection data output is standard. The computer, program and printer is optional.
K 001-DC-5 : 5 kN Strenght Tester
K 001-DC-50 : 50 kN Strenght Tester

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