Made of natural and synthetic fibers; It is used for measuring many parameters like yarns, rovings and slivers evenness (U%, CV%), thin thick place, neps count, periodical errors, hairiness measurement and entanglement and durability.The computer is in complete set with the Application-Analysis Program and Printer.The built-in humidity and temperature measurement sensors on the device minimize measurement and comparison errors.

I006-L: Laser Sensor Module (for Synthetic Yarn Measurement)
I006-C: Capacitive Sensor Module (for natural fiber and yarn measurement)
I006-H: Hairiness Measurement Module
I006-P: Number of entanglement and Retention Module
I006- D: Automatic cop changer, Automatic yarn feeder unit and 24 sample-quality jumper

ISO 16546, ISO 2649, ASTM D1425, IWTO-18