It is used to measure ballistic tear strength of the textlematerials, paper and paperboard by its micro-processor vertical moving pendulum.
There are die-cuttings,cutters used for sample preparation. It has 800(A)-1600(B)-3200(C)-6400(D)-12800(E)cN pendulums.
İt is possible to see the results and statistical information of the pendulum and the number of samples used on the touch screen at the end of each test by chosing the units mN,cN,N, g,kg,oz and Ib as the unit of teaaring strenght.
The USB output on the device is available as standart.

BS 4253, BS EN ISO 13937-1, BS 4468, ASTM D1424, DIN 53862, M&S P29, ISO 9290, ISO 4674-2, ASTM D5734, NF 609-149, ISO 9073-4, ASTM D689, DIN 53128, EN 21974, ISO 1974, JID P8116, TAPPI T414, SCAN P11