Device consist of 3 different models where the pressure method to measure the bursting resistance and surface stretching of fabrics can be done as pneumatic, hydraulic or ball.
It analyses also knitting, laminated fabrics, woven fabrics, nonwovens of bursting resistance.

K012P : Pnömatik Patlatma Mukavemeti Test Cihazı (Maximum 1.000 kPa)
K012H : Hidrolik Patlatma Mukavemeti Test Cihazı (Maximum 7.000 kPa)
K012B : Bilyalı Patlatma Mukavemeti Test Cihaz ı(Maximum 7.000 kPa)

ISO 13938-1/13938-2/3689/3303/2758/2960, DIN 53861, BS 3137/4768