The device is designed to determine air permeability in fabrics. It is used in all types of fabrics, including industrial fabrics, nonwoven fabrics and textile products with air permeability.
20 cm² sample holders and calibration plate are supplied with the device as a standard.
Possibility of decreasing pressure up to 2500 pa.
Air permeability can be recorded in different units of measurement. It can be controlled from its digital screen. Test methods are installed on screen according to many different standards and new standard entry can be easily done.
5-25-38-50-100 cm² sample holders can be provided upon request.
USB communication port is available as standard. Computer, printer and application program are available as an option.

BS5636, EN ISO 9237, DIN 53887, ASTM D737, ASTM D3574, TAPPI, T251, AFNOR G07-111, EDANA 140.1